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Winter Tryouts

Youth Tryouts:

October 27th & 28th @ Liberty H.S
Main Gym

3rd-8th Grades

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Pro Baller Fitness' Speed and Agility Camp

Want to get faster, stronger, and more agile for this season?! Come and do this speed and agility camp geared for basketball players in mind and be a step ahead of your competition! 

This past year the Liberty high school football program added a sensational coach to their staff who specializes in speed+agility, strength and core conditioning. Coach John “JB” Barnes is the founder of Pro Baller Fitness. He is a certified Speed Agility Coach, Personal Trainer, Youth Fitness Trainer, Sports Specific Trainer, High School football Coach and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach. He has over 17 years of football experience as a player and is a positive mentor to all young athletes that cross his path. Coach JB brings with him years of experience as both an elite athlete as well as coach to athletes. 

Click the flyer to get registered today!